Helping Girls Impact Their World

GLOW, Inc. is a life-changing learning program that emphasizes growth through education, experience and challenge. We provide Young Women with hands-on, interactive programs to encourage positive emotional, social, spiritual, mental, and physical development. GLOW serves three age groups of girls and young women; ages 8-12, 13-17, and 18-24. We provide quality, life-changing experiences in an environment that allows young women to meet their full potential.

Our mission is to educate and equip girls and young women with strategies for life and leadership development, and to promote personal and professional growth.

GLOW’s programs are developed using research based assessments, evaluations, and best practice models. We envision a world where girls realize the impact they can make including the impact to make significant changes in their lives, immediate community as well as globally.

We have identified, and exist to address, the following at risk behaviors that prevent girls and young women from reaching their full potential:

  • Insufficient Coping Skills (anger and stress management, decision making, setting boundaries, etc.)
  • Insufficient Life Skills (financial management, personal management, healthy living)
  • Domestic/Dating Violence
  • School Drop-Out / Underperformance
  • Lack of Employment, or Underemployment (career development, job search)
  • Lack of, or Low (Compromised) Self-Esteem
  • Drug, Alcohol, and Cigarette Use
  • Deficient Leadership Skills
  • Absence of Global Vision (vision limited to own neighborhood)
  • Bullying (including Cyber-bullying), Physical Violence, and other Acts of Aggression


Our vision is strong female leadership worldwide, family cohesiveness, healthy cooperation, and strong international cultural alliances. GLOW, Inc. also looks forward to a future of providing safe, and secure, environments for girls and young women that are free of bullying, violence and abuse. We hope to instill the following values in our girls:

  • Culture: accepting and understanding of human work and thoughts including: behaviors patterns, arts, beliefs, and institutions
  • Balance: expressing and maintaining harmony in ones life
  • Honesty: being true in thoughts, words, and acts
  • Self Esteem: reflecting a person’s overall evaluation or appraisal of his or her own worth
  • Faith: relying on the highest spiritual reality to achieve unimaginable results
  • Hard work: putting forth great effort and determination to complete one’s goals
  • Respect: providing positive feelings of esteem and consideration for the world and those in it
  • Education: having respect for the ability to gain knowledge, skill and character
  • Integrity: achieving goals by showing consistency in actions, values, methods, principles, and expectations
  • Support: assisting or advocating for those in need


GLOW Inc.’s objective is to reduce the potential display of at-risk activities and to open opportunities to a broader world view to help produce positive, informed, high self-esteemed young women. GLOW will utilize collaborative efforts and partner alliances, along with best practice programming, to produce enhanced service delivery, and achieve the following goals:

  • Encourage the development of leadership in girls
  • Provide positive role models
  • Develop girls and young women as entrepreneurs
  • Educate young women to overcome obstacles in the workforce through education, mentoring, and networking
  • Build a network of emerging and established organizations for referrals of available resources and programs
  • Create environments where caring, creative, action-oriented, girls and young women can take an active role in reaching out to others
  • Promote participation in giving back to the world community by serving compassionately to those in need


Project G.O.A.L. (Go Out and Lead)

Personal life coaching which helps girls and young women learn how to express themselves, set personal and professional goals, become active and informed, discover their unique potential; and learn to work with others for a common cause. Each participant is assigned a personal coach.

Community Investment Program

  • Community Service Projects
  • Clothes Closet equips youth with clothing suitable for any and all occasions. We believe that if you provide youth with clothing to empower the outer body you will instill the confidence needed to make larger internal changes
  • Parental Involvement
  • Resources and Referrals - GLOW, Inc. provides an up to date listing of available community resources for youth and their families that may need other assistance

We Care Mentoring

We help volunteers build relationships with youth for a prolonged period of time. Mentors are volunteers who are positive role models, confidants, advocates, supporters, coaches, and friends. The mentees in the program are open to the concept of mentoring and active participants within the match. Parents/guardians are supporters of the match and their awareness and approval of the match is essential for the success of the mentoring relationship.

Lifewise Skill Development

Lifewise teaches life and coping skills. GLOW, Inc. uses a curriculum for a wide range of learners and needs. Lifewise Life Skills program employs experiential activities designed to help young people gain information, examine attitudes and practice skills. There are structured exercises in which participants do something and then process the experience together, generalizing about what they learned and, ideally, attempting to apply it to future situations. Lifewise training includes:

  • $tart $mart Entrepreneurial Development provides girls with tools to discover entrepreneurship as an alternative to “getting a job”. Participants will experience all the stages of starting a business from recognizing opportunity to creating a functioning business
  • Career Education and Development provides training for girls to learn the proper procedures for obtaining and retaining employment, the correct attire required for various positions, and completing an in-depth application / interview process which enables girls to feel confident in her abilities in achieving employment
    • Career Building participants will be assisted in determining their goals and assessing what they currently have to offer potential employers. This analysis will help to exact a more directed approach to job search. The ultimate goal of the workshop is to impart tools for getting and keeping the job.
  • Academic Success Program is designed to maximize students’ academic potential, and enable them to succeed in spite of the often debilitating factors and circumstances that surround them. ASP will encourage girls to read, be positive about school activities, establish a time, place, and rules conductive to studying and completing homework, and advocating for extra help as needed. Girls will also be encouraged to succeed in math and sciences.
    • Tutoring
    • College Preparation
    • Alternative to Detention / School Retention

Our Founders

Cynthia A. Saddler, M.Div.

Cynthia Saddler

Cynthia A. Saddler serves as Executive Director - Operations of Girls Leading Our World, Inc. (GLOW, Inc.) a 501 (c) 3 organization. GLOW, Inc.’s mission is to educate and equip girls and young women with strategies for life and leadership development promote personal and professional growth.

Cynthia has made it a lifelong mission to provide help to those in need; she is a social worker, minister, inspirational speaker, business consultant, and motivator. Ms. Saddler believes it is the responsibility of every human being to give back to the community through service and a commitment to promoting a better standard of living. She is a compassionate and dedicated advocate for the eradication of poverty among women and children, and the empowerment of all traditionally under-served populations. 

Ms. Saddler is also actively involved with several non-profit boards and has served her community by providing workshops to help empower women to make the transition from welfare to work. She has provided workshops and consulting services to local youth organizations and churches. Cynthia has served over three decades as a volunteer with various community service agencies which include: Marillac Center for Children, Accessible Arts for visually impaired youth, reStart, Inc., Community Linc, Inc. Rakeya’s Place, Rose Brooks, NAACP, UNCF, and COMBAT. Cynthia is a proud, active member of Zeta Phi Beta Sorority, Incorporated and currently serves as the First Vice-President of Eta Zeta Zeta Chapter, Kansas City, Missouri.

Cynthia’s work in the community has always been supported by her two children, five grandchildren, mother, family and friends. In 2009 she partnered with her colleague LaVeeda Simmons and put her passion into practice and helped establish Girls Leading Our World, Inc. (GLOW, Inc.).

LaVeeda C. Simmons, MSW

LaVeeda C. Simmons

LaVeeda C. Simmons, MSW serves as Co-Executive Director of Girls Leading Our World, Inc. (GLOW, Inc.). GLOW, Inc.’s mission is to educate and equip girls and young women with strategies for life and leadership development to promote personal and professional growth.

LaVeeda has worked with children and youth for over ten years. She is a social worker and is currently pursuing certification in play therapy. LaVeeda gives herself wholeheartedly to the children she works with in order to ensure that they receive the best services possible. She is an avid advocate of helping them to reach their highest potential.

Mrs. Simmons has served in capacities of a Family Support Worker, Case Manager, Site Director, Representative Payee, Exceptional Education Tech, Transitional Housing Family Life Coach, and currently as a Children’s Program Director. In her position as Children’s Program Director for a Non-Profit agency, LaVeeda provides ongoing needs assessments, crisis intervention, counseling, and assists families in developing problem solving skills.

It has been her life-long dream to extend protection and support to those who live in poverty and other difficult circumstances. This deeply satisfying work convinced Laveeda that creative solutions were necessary to begin to solve society's problems, and that she wanted to be a part of that creative thinking. Using the concrete experience she gained as a case worker and her own vision Simmons has continued to work toward her goal of providing protection and opportunity for society's most vulnerable member’s families and children.

With the support of her husband Jermaine, children Princess and Micah, family, friends, and colleague Cynthia Saddler, LaVeeda began to put her vision into practice, and helped establish Girls leading Our World, Inc. (GLOW, Inc.).

It’s amazing what we can do when we come together.

GLOW's Wall of Appreciation

The following have generously provided donations of time, money, and/or goods:

Mary Banks; Karla Bauer; Ed & Carolyn Baxter; Lanisha Bosby; Jeff Coe; Norma Collins; Andrea Ellis; Terri Graves; Jane Hahn; Dr. William Hill, DVM; Roger & Angie Jackson; Kimberlee Jones; Annie Walsh & Michael Judd; Emma Kindle; Clarissa Knighten; Forestal Lawton; Mallory McCoy; Ollie Perry; Margaret Roberts; Alma Rollison; Toriana Saddler; Aline Silva-Schreiner; Stacy Shaw, Esq; Dr. Claire Smith; Janet Sunderland; Lelar Williams