"This organization has been a light for the young ladies that have been active. Having the opportunity to see and go places they didn't think would be possible. This is a needed organization for Kansas City. The leader of tomorrow are Glowing."

-Sharon Garrett

"Excellence, commitment, responsibility and accountability are only a few words that I can use to describe the GLOW organization and its team. Every thought and deed are executed with the needs of the girls in mind. Nothing is done without thought of how it will positively influence each girl's/young lady's life now and in the future. It is a blessing to have an organization who genuinely cares for these girls and is preparing them to be culturally and economically empowered. Thank you for allowing me to GLOW with you!"

-Stacey Banks-Houston

"G.L.O.W., which stands for Girls Leading Our World, is all about helping girls lead meaningful lives. It is not only an organization that helps to equip young women, but also celebrates them as they begin living into their potential.You Glow, G.L.O.W.!!"

-Robin Sandbothe

"GLOW (Girls Leading Our World), Inc. is a service-oriented organization that aids young at risk girls/ladies in the Kansas City area. It is a valuable and empowering organization. GLOW, Inc. recognizes and addresses the cultural, economical and educational needs of young girls/ladies. It offers programs, workshops, field trips and mentoring that builds character, instills self-confidence and teaches life skills. GLOW affords opportunities that empower them to excel, rise above their circumstances and become leaders."

-Emma Kindle

"GLOW is a organization that is positively impacting their community. Through mentorship and empowering young women to not only dream big but obtain the skills to accomplish their goals with excellence."

-Latora Grant Scott

"How wonderful is it to have and be part of an organization that helps girls impact their world! This program provides girls with the essential life skills to lead healthy, productive lives. I have personally seen the positive change in these girls. Kudos to you G.L.O.W. Inc.!"

-Toriana Saddler, M.B.A.

"This Organization is amazing. To see these young ladies being exposed to different cultures beneficial to their growth as productive young women in today's society is just awesome. Thank you G.L.O.W. leaders, volunteers, and paeticipants for your dedication and service."

-Linda Dudley

"GLOW is a shining star in the Kansas City metropolitan area. This organization centers on inspiring pre-teen & teen girls by expanding their world view and empowering them to become the best that they may be. Included in their overall life skills curriculum is teaching girls to become young ladies who understand how valuable they themselves are, to honor their elders & to respect others. Highly recommended!"

-Kim JW